Poly Lumber Construction

Poly Lumber Construction

The best furniture uses the best materials.  Have you ever wondered how Plants and Things USA poly lumber furniture is made?  Many of our customers are unaware that our furniture consists of 95% recycled content, with the majority coming from post-consumer milk bottles collected in community recycling programs.  This is an overview of how a milk bottle is recycled and given new life as beautiful outdoor furniture to last a lifetime.  The first step is sorting through the recycled plastic milk jugs to ensure that only the highest quality plastic continues through the recycling process.  Every milk jug is ground, washed, melted and cooled to produce purified plastic pellets, which are tested to maintain the highest quality control standard.  The pellets move to a plastic extruder where they are remelted and shaped into precision-cut plastic lumber.  All of our recycled poly is certified by GreenCircle Certified for recycled content.

The poly lumber is now ready to be made into furniture.  Poly Lumber is a great material for our craftsmen to work with. We know when we use Poly Lumber to build heirloom outdoor furniture there will be no cracking, splitting or bacterial growth to cut down on the life of the furniture.  When we are building furniture the unique thing we notice about the poly lumber is that the color goes through the material (not a coating) that’s UV stabilized and resists fading.  Poly Lumber furniture has to be held together by fasteners so the best screws, bolts and nuts are chrome-plated stainless steel that are used widely in the salt water marine industry, these fasteners resist corrosion better than typical grades of stainless steel.  All products undergo extensive strength testing to ensure the strongest, longest-lasting furniture possible.

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