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Deep Seating Selection

Deep seating is one the most rapidly growing outdoor living categories. When purchasing a deep seating outdoor living area here are some things to think about.  How much space do I have? Do I want cushions and how do I  care for them? Can I have a gas fire table inside of a screen porch or outside? Do I want wicker, metal or poly lumber frame? Why choose American made deep seating sets?  Why are Sunbrella fabrics the right fabric for me?  In this deep seating  tutorial I will answer these questions plus give you 4 easy steps to follow so it is not so overwhelming. 

How much space I have is important because deep seating items can come in all size and shapes to fit in almost any area. The most common piece of deep seating is a sofa with cushions. If this piece is too large you can use love seats or club chairs to create the same feel.  The main reason people go with deep seating groups is the cushions because cushions combined with the right fabric to add comfort, color and style to create an outdoor space that is uniquely designed by that person.  Maintenance is very low if you choose quality products so lets dive in to fabric. 

The best furniture uses the best materials and the best name in outdoor fabrics is Sunbrella fabrics, this is the gold standard.  Sunbrella is founded on the belief that fabrics should be both beautiful and functional.  Outdoor fabrics have to stand up to the outdoor elements so water and fade resistance is very important.  Sunbrella began in 1960 with the challenge of creating an awning canvas with substantially longer life than cotton.  Sunbrella fabrics took off as the industry leader in durable umbrella fabrics, marine canvas and patio furniture fabrics.  Made with close attention to design detail and engineered with robust performance characteristics that provide resistance to fading and degradation from sunlight and chemical exposure.  This is the fun reason to choose Sunbrella fabrics because there is 100’s of fabulous fabrics to choose from.  When you choose our American made deep seating groups with Sunbrella fabrics we can have your custom order done in 3-4 weeks with no extra charge, so feather your nest your way. 

Decide on what you want instead of buying cookie cutter furniture because it gives you an easy, fun and custom experience.  The framing of deep seating outdoor furniture comes in different materials.  The three framing materials are metal, wicker or poly lumber, and all are functional for outdoor use.  Wicker framing comes in outdoor vinyl or more traditional bamboo wood which gives a nostalgic look.  Metal framing or poly lumber materials are low maintenance and a little more transitional.  Plants and Things USA’s best selling deep seating frame is poly lumber due to very low maintenance and being fade and corrosion resistant.  Poly lumber framing comes in different colors and textures so you can create a contemporary, traditional or coastal feel.

Determine the area you want to fill and what you would like to have in it.  By adding a gas fire table you give your outdoor space warmth and function.

Material of the frame do you want wicker, metal or poly lumber.

Fabric and colors that you choose to tie in all your outdoor features. (gas fire table, pillows, etc.)

Due to most of the deep seating groups being large, we have a in-house delivery team to get it where you want it and to set it up.  

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