Choosing a Shed

Overwhelmed?  You can be when it comes to deciding on a shed.  These 6 steps should help you to find a shed to fit your needs.  Price should be determined on size and the cosmetics of the shed and never on quality (all sheds should be built on high quality standards) so come into our shed display yard and do some investigating.  The main quality standards are pressure treated plywood floors, floor joists and runners.  Anything from the top of the floors down to the foundation that touches the earth should be constructed with pressure treated materials.  All wall framing should be made 16”on center construction and have vents and architectural shingles.  These are just some of the quality standards you should look for when purchasing a shed.

Select the style and door orientation you want.  The style is the look of the shed and there are 3 basic styles.  Style number 1 is the A-frame.  On the A-frame style you can have the doors on the gable end (which is the pointy side) or the long side (which is the roof line side).  Style number 2 is the Quaker shed.  The doors are always on the long side because this shed has a 16” overhang.  Style number 3 is the High wall Barn.  The door can come on the gable or long side.  In all of these 3 styles of sheds they contain different series with different cosmetic features.

How much space do you really need? Some things to consider are what items would you like to store?
*lawn mower                                                             
*lawn tractor*motorcycles/ATVs
*snow blowers
*outdoor furniture
*camping/fishing gear
*work bench
*gardening equipment

Select a siding type.

DuraTemp T-1-11 siding is a tough surface of engineered wood composite with a plywood backing (instead of OSB board) this prevents moisture wicking.  DuraTemp is truly a low maintenance product with a heavy primer that prevents the wood grain from moving to help with the long life of the paint.

Vinyl siding is maintenance-free, installed over plywood.  The vinyl siding is available in different colors and styles.

LP Smart siding is a low maintenance wood composite siding that runs horizontal instead of vertical like DuraTemp.  Available in all paint colors to match your house.  Installed over plywood for long life a durability.

Build it your way.  In today’s busy world, couldn’t we all use a little more time to just be?  You are welcome to come in and design a space of your dreams.  Explore the endless combinations and options.  It does not matter if you desire a workshop, gardeners cottage, art studio, business office, fundamental storage or a she shed, we will help you to create and design. Choose windows, doors, dormers, interior finishing, roofing materials, architectural effects and more to make your building have the maximized use, functionality and beauty.

Site prep, do I need a foundation?

Many people think that an elaborate set-up is required, when actually there is a very simple solution. If your ground is pretty level we can set it right on the ground (because all wood that touches the ground is pressure treated) and use blocks to level out.  A level crushed stone base is worth every minute and penny spent.  The benefits are even support, excellent drainage, cleanliness and to prevent critters from nesting under the shed.

Delivery and set up, how does it work?  Most of our sheds come fully assembled and our service-driven, professional delivery team will be there, rain or shine.  When we deliver your product, it takes as little as an hour from the time we arrive to as long as it takes to make you very satisfied.  The delivery is fun to watch, we use a non aggressive shed mover to move your shed across your lawn with out damaging your grass.  We also offer on site assembly for those hard to reach spots. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this information.  All of our sheds come with a 10 year warranty through Plants and Things USA.